Thursday, 7 June 2012

Still On My Mind (1)

Still On My Mind is a Meme hosted by Ya-Aholic.

Usually a lot of books stay on my mind long after I've read them but it was very hard to choose just one that stood out from the rest of them. One that I can remember everything that happened in the book and most of the amazing descriptions and for that it had to be Ultraviolet....

Ultraviolet follows the story of 15 year old Alison who gets put in a mental institute for supposed causing the death of a girl. With mixed up emotions and un answered questions how will she ever understand what truly happened that day, did she really kill her? Or is it something else an un answered condition?

One of my favourite things about this book are the descriptions, because Alison has a special condition Synaesthesia it causes her to taste sounds which results in beautiful, amazing passages of words. The way Alison thinks of things in her mind while trying to get to grips with everything I really admire her as a character when she knows things but everyone else thinks your crazy...

The Dreamer xo 


  1. ohh awesome choice hun!! I had heard about this book awhile back when it first came out, but never went about picking it up. But now I may have to!!! The whole Synaesthesia condition she has sounds really really interesting!!!!! (:

    Thanks for joining in on 'Still on my Mind' !:D

    1. Thank-you :) Yeah defitnley read it! It really intrigued me aswell how you can taste words, woah!

      The Dreamer xo