Thursday, 31 May 2012

Forever By Maggie Stiefvater

Hunger that could never be filled welled up inside me as my mind snatched at thoughts that didn't seem to fit inside my head. My howling would set off the others, and together we'd sing and warn others of our presence and cry for any members of the pack that weren't there.
I kept waiting for him...

Forever. There are no words to describe the book or the title, the title is a thought in itself the word Forever pierces your heart, forever is always that's the relationship that describes Sam & Grace their love is the word Forever. The book shows that through and through how love can battle everything and how they enjoy the small things in life.

The story follows the four main characters from Linger Grace, Sam, Isabel and Cole as they battle through new changes. When they find out the packs in danger of being wiped out completely they need help and fast can they get old friends to help? 

I loved Shiver and I loved Forever I think Linger was a book that needs to be worked on as I feel it was by far the worse of the 3 and didn't hold me captivated like the others did. This book held me with love, hope, fear and a surprising ending..

The Dreamer xo

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