Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kindle :3

Hey everything, just a little post before; Hazal And Tam's Big Book Review! (there will be a re-post on it!). To tell you how I killed books.... Just joking, I do love books and I'm OBSESSED with them but since I take a lot of books on holiday = a lot of bags so for Christmas my mum bought me a kindle!) at first I was totally against Kindles but then you learn to love them! I still read normal books as there's nothing like smelling, and touching a good book. But for practicality this is for you :)

It has font changes, screen rotation, keypad and WiFi! I definitely like these better than those stupid Kobos -.-
But also the main reason Kindle books are a lot cheaper e.g The Hunger Games in waterstones 7.99 and on Amazon (Kindle) 2.99 ! ( I rest my case!)

The Dreamer xo

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