Monday, 19 March 2012

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

It's funny; I hate so much about my life. I hate the cramps, and the nausea, and the boredom, and the listlessness. I hate surviving on guinea pigs, and not being able to get a decent haircut. But that night, when it came to choosing between life and death, I didn't hesitate. Not for one second.
I didn't want to end up as a pile of ashes on a bedroom floor.

Think Vampires are powerful, sexy and fierce well think again because these are Vampires like you've never seen before. They always get sick, can't anything and have no super powers to name? Well why would you want to be a Vampire why is it worth living?

In The Reformed Vampire Support Group is about a Vampire called Nina who has a very bad opinion of all Vampires she feels their useless never do anything, good for nothing. Until one day when one of the Vampires in their support group is found staked through the heart they need to find answers, who-dun nit? Taking them all along a journey a group of sickly Vampires could never have imagined. In their hunt for the killer they get caught up with a very sexy werewolf and some very dangerous thugs who would do anything...

I really like this book ever since I got it as a present a few years ago. I really feel it's a good take on the Vampire genre as most are quite un-realistic flying, turning into bats, superpowers! I know it's still Vampires but the sickness adds a touch of reality that their just like normal people who just get sick a lot. I like the different blends of personality's in the group from placid Dave to whining Gladys, angry Sanford and throw in a Priest and their is definitely some arguments worth reading! 

I really like the plot as it adds a touch of magic that you can't put the book down. I understand Vampire's aren't to everyone taste but this one I guarantee will make you smile.

Rating: 8/10

The Dreamer xo

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