Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hazal And Tam's Big Book Review; Week 2!

Hey we are back! For week 2! I just thought I'd have another post about this so we can remind everyone and get some newbies! I've already done a fashion post down below, so check that out :) Here's the rules again and remember this week is FASHION  which can be non-fiction or fiction (it is your choice). But to those people who haven't read or reviewed a fashion-related book then we are also accepting CONTEMPORARY links.

  • The aim of this big review is to link in your old reviews on the correct genre. Every week there will be a different genre and a different MrLinky to link everything up to. E.g the first week will be the genre romance and will begin on a Monday. For that whole week you will have the opportunity to link up old/new book reviews that fit in with that genre.
  • You don't have to be following either me or Hazal to join in but it would be very much appreciated (especially Me who needs followers - badly! As my other blog was deleted -.-) 
  • Put your Blog name & URL in the Linky thing. 
  • Grab our BUTTON! (from the right hand side) 
  • If we reach 100 participants overall then I will host a UK giveaway and if we exceed that limit and reach 300, I will host an International giveaway!YES!
  • 26th March - 1st April ROMANCE
  • 2nd April - 8th April FASHION (Fiction or Non-Fiction)
  • 9th April - 15th April DYSTOPIA/SCIENCE FICTION 
  • 16th April - 22nd April HISTORY
  • 23rd April - 29th April FANTASY/PARANORMAL

So link up your fashion links down here!

The Dreamer xo

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