Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Swapped By A Kiss

Sorry everyone! Have been away on holiday, yay! So I just got back and decided to review this book just for you...

Swapped By A Kiss is the sequel to the brilliant Split By A Kiss so I thought that this book would be as good as the first. I'm not saying it wasn't, but it was a bit samey like Rachel & Jo/Josie were the same person rather than two different people.

The story mostly follows Rachel, It all starts when Rachel and David (her boyfriend) have a big argument then he goes to England to this new festival- Enchantment. But then she see's him kiss their best friend Jo she suddenly wants to be Jo. Then she wakes up and is Jo. But what about Jo? Is she in Rachel's body, but why ever would she want to be Rachel?

I like the storyline as its about choices and learning what you did wrong and how to do better and accept things. It's definitely a good read and a sequel but to be fair it doesn't suprise and shock.

The Dreamer xo

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