Monday, 2 April 2012

Hazal And Tam's Big Book Review (Week 2); Teen Vogue Handbook

"A how-to for teenagers who are genuinely interested in fashion and want to know how the business works."
-The New York Times

Yes it's the 2nd week of Hazal And Tam's Big Book Review, WOOOOOOOO! Fiction and Non-fiction so kind of every book you can review!

I got this ages ago (on Amazon) when I had an absolute OBSESSION with fashion! I still love fashion and do sometimes dream of being a model (only dreams!) I got interested in fashion thanks to Threads it ignites your love of fashion... But we arn't here to talk about Threads so here's the review...

I really enjoyed this book I tried to read as much as I could but usually so much info on a page bores me I really a fiction girl so usually I don't go for non-fiction unless it helps me to do something like this I still feel it's a good book if your interested  in breaking into the fashion industry as a model, photographer, editor, journalist etc...

It answers lots of different questions and gives you lots of information on designers and how they made and bits and pieces like that! So get reviewing and link up down here!

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